Senior Class

Today is the Odin School Halloween Parade! Our seniors are all dressed up and we are having a costume contest! The high school voted on all 16 seniors' costumes, and the winner is....

Walker Pratt - The Joker! 

Brooklyn Walker - Storm Cloud

Emma Haines - Hippie

Alexis Riley - Pineapple 

Jenna Gelsinger - Jesse - Toy Story

Blake Williams - Old Man

Logan Haines - Forrest Gump

Madison Scarbrough - Race Car Driver

Hania Smith - Astronaut 

Trista Moore - Buzz Lightyear - Toy Story

Tyler Davis - Flava Flav

Jazmene Simpson- Super Woman

Lexi Smith - Nun

Olivia Jones and Skyler Budds - Cruella and Dalmation

Jay Parker - Chuckie