Trick or Treat

Friday, October 28th, you will see your fair share of young and old kiddos out trick or treating! Catch our Odin High School Student Council members trick or treating for $1.00 instead of candy! It's that time to dig out the couch change, the $1 dollar bills at the bottom of your purse, or spare change you find in the dryer.

Our student council members are on a mission to raise money to sponsor their very own HoCo Dance!

Once our students have politely asked, a ghost will be taped to your door, so our other groups know your house has already been visited! 

(We may or may not have a little competition amongst our student council members as to who can raise/collect the most money in the 6-8 p.m. time frame. )

ALSO!!! Student Council will be giving out candy at the school so make sure you stop by and see us! 

Thank you in advance for helping our students! We know this will be something they won't soon forget.