No more snow days

Dear Odin PSD #722 Community:

This is to inform you Odin Public School District #722 Board of Education approved an E-Learning Day Program to be implemented in conjunction with or in lieu of the use of Emergency Days. Therefore,  we will utilize E-Learning as a part of the plan to utilize Distance Learning on emergency days, such as snow days. Students will be required to log on for attendance, check google classrooms, and complete assignments.  If you do not have access to the internet, your teachers will be in contact with you and/or already sent items home for the plan.

We will offer breakfast and lunch for all students who would like them.  It will be your responsibility to sign up and pick up their meals at the school that day between 10 -12 o’clock.  Attached is a form to complete to let us know you want meals prepared on E-Learning days.

LINK: Meal Form.  Please complete this NOW and we will have the meals prepared on E-Learning days for you.

If you have any questions regarding this please email Mrs. Briggs, Superintendent or Mr. Marcum, Principal, or call 775-8266.

Thank you, 

Kimberly Briggs