Applications for the 21-22 OHS Student Council are now open! Students in grades 8-11 who are motivated to create change in our school and take on leadership roles are encouraged to apply! The digital application and 2 teacher recommendations (both digital) are due by Friday May 7th. 

From the OHS constitution...

Student Council shall consist of the following types and members:
Representatives: Ten (10) representatives as follows: two (2) Freshman, two (2) Sophomores, three (3) Juniors and three (3) Seniors.

The term of office for members who in the next school year will be in grades nine through twelve is defined to be from the time of their election in the spring to the end of the next school year.

Section 2: ELIGIBILITY (for applicants) 
Any eligible student may be a candidate for Student Council representative. If a student has been previously removed from the council, he/she must petition for Executive Board approval before running for the representative position. 
Eligible students must fit the following criteria:
No suspensions during their time at Odin High School
No more than two (2) detentions
Good financial standings with Odin High School
No unexcused absences.
No more than 3 unexcused tardies.

Students can complete the application by clicking the link below. The application asks for 2 teachers to provide a recommendation. The digital recommendation form will be emailed directly to the teachers.

Elections will be held the week of May 10th. Each class votes for their respective student council members. 

Questions should be directed to Mrs. Loepker, Student Council Advisor