Yearbook Senior Ad

Senior year has arrived. Senior year has arrived?! Where did the time go? Just yesterday you were walking your child up to the doors of their kindergarten classroom, trying to hold back tears as you dropped them off on their first day of a new chapter.

Looking for a creative way to tell your student, “I love you and I’m proud of you”? Place a senior recognition ad in the yearbook! It’s your loving tribute to your student, personalized with your own special message and a cherished photo, or photo collage. It’s a quick and easy way to make the yearbook even more special for your student. Even if it embarrasses them just a little bit.

Reserve a space for your ad today to say how proud you are. Like the yearbook, your message will be a permanent memory.

While you’re thinking of what your ad will look like, also think about the size of the ad space. Ads are available in a variety of sizes and costs.

Please complete the Senior Dedication Design Contract and return to the office with payment by May 1, 2021. Additional forms will be available in the office.