How Full is Bucket Book

2nd grades teaches us about COMPASSION. 

Last month, our character word was Compassion. In 2nd grade, for character education class with Mrs. Loepker, we read How Full is your Bucket? The book explains that each of us has an invisible bucket. When we do nice things for others, our bucket fills and so does theirs. When we do mean things and say unkind words, our buckets empty. The more full our buckets, the better we feel, the better we treat people. 

After we talked about the difference between just being nice and our big word compassion-which drives us to action, we practiced filling up someone's bucket by writing compassionate actions/words on paper and throwing them into a bucket. Here's what 2nd grade had to say. 

To fill someone's bucket you could: 

-Be nice 

-Make them smile 

-Play with someone 

-Help someone reach a book in the library

-Help someone when they fall down

-Help someone that trips 

-Help someone with their Fortnite game 

-Give compliments "I like your bike" "I like your nails" "I like your hair" "You smell nice"

-Sing Happy Birthday 

-Saying something nice 

-Make them laugh 

-Be kind 

-Tell someone you love them 

-Play with cats/dogs 

-Give someone a donut 

-Bake them a cake 

-Help them learn to ride a bike 

-Get help from an adult 

-Give people ice cream 

This month, in March, we look to the character word-Responsibility in our Character Ed lessons!