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Body Boundaries is Back! 

The Amy Schulz Child Advocacy Center will once again be bringing a prevention educator to our school to present their body boundaries program-a required program by Erin's Law.  Here is the schedule:

PK-4: October 5th and 6th 

5th-6th:  October 7th & 8th 

7th-12th: October 13th or 14th 

Please see the parent letter below with further detailed information: 

Dear Parent/Guardian,

The BODY BOUNDARIES prevention program is being presented in your child’s Pre-K – 8th grade classes. It teaches children a very comfortable way to talk about a very sensitive problem – sexual abuse; however, it is important to know this program is NOT about sex education. The program uses a multi-media approach, to include age-appropriate engaging stories, dolls, movies, activities, and role-playing. The curriculum is designed to meet the developmental level and attention span of each grade level, and to empower children by teaching them about patterns of abuse, how to avoid and/or interrupt unwanted attention and touches, and to give practical instruction for those who are being victimized. The program is taught over a two or three-day period to allow for review, reflection, discussion, questions, and retention of the material. All children will receive age-appropriate handouts and our Parent Guide will be distributed to the youngest grade or as deemed necessary. Informing children about the following concepts will help lessen their vulnerability to abuse:

·         My Body Belongs to Me

·         My Body’s Alarm Warns Me

·         I Can Say No! and Get Away

·         Go Tell a Grown-Up

·         It’s Not My Fault

The 5th and 6th grade material also includes additional activities and a movie which address topics such as cyberbullying, online sexual predators, and general Internet safety. The material presented to 7th and 8th grade covers topics such as setting personal boundaries, sexual harassment, sexting, and dating and relationship abuse.

The Freshman /Sophomore topic we discuss is Teen Dating Abuse. The Junior/Senior topic we discuss is The Truth About Alcohol and Sex.

 This program will be presented by a Prevention Educator from the Amy Center. If you or your child have questions or concerns, please call The Amy Center Educator at (618) 244-2100 for assistance.

Thank you,

Tammy Rednour

The Amy Center Prevention Educator