Census Information

2020 Census MUST be completed no later than September 30th, 2020.  
Census is about nine questions. 
Takes less than ten minutes to do. 
Last chance to be counted is September 30th! 
Next Census not for another TEN YEARS! 

I am needing the public to understand that a lot of programs that might have helped their families in the past, helping now or in the future- are at risk.  This list includes: 

  1. Healthcare 
  2. Fire Departments
  3. Senior Programs 
  4. Educations
  5. Childrens reduced and free lunch programs
  6. Housing 
  7. LIHEAP / HeadStart Program and others offered at BCMW
  8. Road improvements
  9. Infrastructures
  10. Food Pantries

and of course we risk losing two seats in the House of Representatives for Illinois.  


  1. VISIT:  my2020census.gov    to complete online  
  2. CALL:  844-330-2020            to complete by phone 
  3. MAIL:   complete questionnaire  (if you have received one by mail) 
  4. FOR ASSISTANCE:  Call BCMW Census line @ 618-237-4850 

Census takers are visiting addresses that have not completed the 2020 Census.  
If you complete yourself you will not have to complete with the Census Taker.  

This is required by law.  
Information is SAFE!!!  
Your responses to the 2020 Census are safe, secure and protected by federal law.  Your answers can ONLY be used to produce statistics.  They cannot be used against you by any government agency or court in any way-not by the FBI, not by the CIA, not by the DHS, and not by ICE.