OPS Technology Tips

Technology can make tasks so much easier and faster, but it also comes with its challenges. We understand that our teachers and staff are asking students to use technology every day, some technology that students and parents have never used before. 

You may need assistance navigating these platforms. Below, you will find a series of YouTube videos created by our staff outlining some of the major components of the technology we are using. (Mainly the Chromebook, the student's gmail,  Zoom, and lastly Google Classroom). 

Signing into the Chromebook (school issued) 

Google Apps 

Google Classroom -Join a Class

Google Classroom Tour

Turning in an Assignment on Google Classroom

Signing into a Zoom Call 

Reminder: If you are having internet issues/troubles, see the "No Internet?" article under the News Section for some great alternatives. Make sure students stay in communication with teachers if your internet connection becomes a problem!