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Game on! Get your siblings & parents/guardians together for this virtual scavenger hunt! You and your team will be hunting for answers rather than items. Below you will see a list of the 10 items you need to find on Odin’s website and app. Gather all the answers in an email or document and send it to Miss Schomaker (sschomaker@odinpublicschools.org). Hurry, the clock is ticking. Hunts must be completed and emailed by noon on Friday, April 24th!

Official Game Rules

  • You will need to access the school app & website for this scavenger hunt
  • 1 scavenger hunt entry per household (please include the family name at the top of your email!) 
  • Scavenger hunt entries submitted via email to Miss Schomaker (sschomaker@odinpublicschools.org)
  • Scavenger hunt entries must be submitted by Friday, April 24th at 12 p.m. (noon) 
  • Hint: Answers may be a section name, a list of items, a picture/screenshot. If you have to click multiple buttons to access the correct answer you may use the > symbol.
    • For example: Documents>Hall of Fame>Hall of Fame>Odin Hall of Fame Nomination Forms (to access the nomination forms for the Hall of Fame)  
  • All submitted entries (with at least 7 correct answers) will be entered into a raffle to win some prizes!

Official HUNT Items

Family Name/Students’ Names:_________________________________

1. Where can we find the Health/Physical Forms? 

2. What kind of health forms do 2nd graders need to have?

3. Where can we find the Student Handbook?

4. How many sports are listed under the Athletics page? 

5. List the members of the school board.

6. What other language can the website be displayed in? 

7. How many staff members are listed under the “Staff” section?

8. What event is supposed to take place on May 11th? 

9. Name a news article from the News section of the school website. 

10. Under what section could we find the cafeteria menus? 

11. Include a screenshot showing you/parent/guardian downloaded the Odin School District 722, IL app.