Book with heart

We are inviting you to join a book club for Junior High, High School, Staff, and the Community! With being at home and the inability to socialize like we usually do, we thought that a book club would be perfect! 

Bookclubz is an online forum that has a website and an app you can download to your device. Click the link to join and then make sure you click on polls to vote on which book we read first! The two options are Where the Crawdads Sing and No One Ever Asked

Kindle is offering a free one month membership at this time so if you are unable to purchase the book, you can go there and sign-up for your free one month! 

What is a book club? We vote on a book to read for the next few weeks, depending on how long it is, and then we meet to discuss the book, online of course! I will set up a weekly check-in on Bookclubz for you all to jump on and answer some questions and interact with each other! 

This is meant to be a fun way to get reading and get a little social interaction while we are required to stay home! Please join us by clicking the link below! Any questions, direct them to me via email, Thanks!!

Bookclubz Sign-up