Odin Public Schools News

Hey students: I'm talking directly to you! What's it like being away from school? What's running through your mind? I know I've had a mixture of emotions and thoughts over the last week. I can only imagine you are, too. Do you want to talk to someone other than your parents, guardians, and siblings?? Well now WE have the possibility to chat! 

I've set up a Google Voice number with texting and calling capabilities. If you want to call to vent, cry, talk, laugh, and share what life has been like for you-I'm all ears! 

Call or text me at 504-356-2231. If you text, start with your name so I know who you are! As always you are free to email me at sschomaker@odinpublicschools.org at any time. Please only call or text between 8:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. unless its an emergency! 

Parents: this method of communication will remain as confidential as possible. I will retain all text messages for a period of up to 6 months. Because I cannot be certain who is around your child when we talk, I cannot confirm confidentiality on their end. When talking with my students, I will use my home office. If YOU need anything to talk, vent, access to resources/supplies you can call and text me, too!

We're all in this together.. (cue High School Musical song)