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Short-Term Effects:

· Harder time to make SMART decisions

· Less aware of risky or inappropriate behavior

· Less likely to recognize potential danger

Long-Term Effects:

· Problems with brain development

· Reduced potential growth

· Increased risk of alcohol use disorder

· Increased risk of cancer


Negative Consequences of Underage Drinking:

· Death

· Injury

· Increase risk of physical and sexual assault

· Problems in school or law

Why do Teens Drink Alcohol?

· Experience new things

· Peer Pressured

· Coping method of stress and other problems

Alcohol is the most commonly used substance by teens.



Types of Vapes/Smoking Devices:

· Juul

· Vape Pens

· E-cigarettes

Effects on Your Body:

· Heart & Lungs (heart and lung disease, heart attack, affects blood vessels, decreased blood to heart,  popcorn lung)

· Brain Development (the brain continues to grow and develop to age 25)

· Can lead to addictions

· Affects your behavior

Reasons Teens Vape:

· Experiment, peer pressured

· Tastes good

· Relax or feel good/high

· Boredom/looks cool


Student Statistics:

· 1 in 10 students in 8th grade vape

· 1 in 5 students in 10th grade vape

· 1 in 4 students in 12thi grade vape


Vaping is the most commonly used form of tobacco use among teens.


Different Types of Drugs:

· Stimulants—Speed up the brain and functioning; higher energy, faster breathing, increased heart rate and higher body temperature (ex: Adderall, Ritalin, Synthetic Marijuana, Cocaine, Methamphetamine)

· Depressants—Slow down the brain and functioning; less energy, slower breathing, decreased heart rate, and lower body temperature (ex: barbiturates, alcohol, benzodiazepines, opioids, cannabis, rohypnol)

· Hallucinogens—Harm the brain and body; delusional thoughts, bizarre physical motions, and experience things that in reality are not there (ex:  LSD, PCP,  mushrooms (psilocybin), ketamine, mescaline)

Negative Effects: 

· Harm teeth/gums/mouth

· Tooth decay

· Dry mouth

· Problems with brain development


As a parent, talk openly and freely about these topics. You can influence your child(ren)’s decision-making!


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