Under the direction of superintendent, Jeff Humes, an initial list of requirements has been created for the school’s vision of a Hall of Fame.

“It is my hope that the school district will begin to honor those that made a difference for the students through the years. So my vision is for The Hall of Fame to be a two-pronged type of recognition. One important piece of the Hall of Fame will be an Excellence in Education piece that recognizes those educators that made an impact within our school itself. The other piece of Hall of Fame will be the contributions of those individuals who made a difference in the athletic arena.” -J.Humes

Anyone that would be interested in nominating individuals to be recognized or included in the District’s Hall of Fame, may find the nomination forms/guidelines below or by calling the school at 618-775-8266.

"We should be recognizing the achievements by individuals who have come before us, taught us, and paved the way for us. There are many things taught during the high school years. Not everything comes in a nice neat textbook or electronic tablet, but there are tons of examples of life’s lessons taught each day by individuals in our schools. Those very people need to be honored for their teaching and career preparation. For this reason, academic impact by individuals will be recognized in our Hall of Fame. Past graduates who have gone on to do great things in our communities and for society will also be recognized. We will also recognize the individuals that achieved great things in the athletic arena and those that were leaders in helping generations gain some valuable life lessons through athletics." -J.Humes

Hall of Fame PDF